"One of the best ways to grow and mature as a believer is to continually remind yourself who you are and what you possess as a child of God. The more you affirm who you are in Christ, the more your behavior will reflect your true identity"

We are children of god! We are one with the earth, the waters and the sky that god created for us. So, remember that we were created to glorify God in all that we do. Respect the land and all that inhabit it. Hold in reverence all that nurish our bodies, the birds in the sky, the fish of the water and the plants and animals of the earth.

Hunting is a way of life in our home, almost as much as family and faith, almost. We hunt to live. I want nothing more than to teach my children the reverance and respect for the land and its animals. To become stewards of God's earth.


Welcome to my little place in the world! As you can see its a work in progres... I hope to cronicle some of my adventures in the outdoors as well as my relationship with the Lord. Please take time to look around and don't be afraid to comment! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It started with a run...

It started with a run…


My run this morning was doomed from the start. I got up later than I wanted to, could not find any of my running clothes, and my running watch was dead! I never run without my watch! To top it all off, I had not drank nearly enough water last night and was afraid I was going to be dehydrated. As I was getting ready to leave, I asked Christie how far I should run.  Her answer: 5 miles. Now here lately I have been doing the minimum to get by, running as little as possible. So out the door I go, just me and a small water bottle. Totally unplugged, no running watch, no music, just me and the road. The run started out like any other. I hated the fact that I was there but at the same time it felt good. Since I had no way to keep track of my pace or distance I was just left with my thoughts. I decided that this was a perfect time to open up the lines of communication between myself and God so I started to pray.


To say that I have been struggling lately with my prayer life would be an understatement. I find myself trying to define my life and my relationship with the Lord. Trying to figure out my ultimate purpose here on earth in Gods plan. I see others around me having these great revelations and being so inspired by God with plans for their lives that I find myself searching for something. I have even gone as far as to try to make my own plans into something inspired by God. Ever try to force your own Ideas on the Big Guy? Not a good idea at all.


Christie had started a Run For God group at church and to be honest with you, in the beginning, I was just along for the ride. Somewhere along the way I started feeling a little purpose in being involved with this group, if for no other reason than just to share the story of my journey over the past year and a half with others. One of the things we had talked about was being able to spend some of that run time, that alone time, communicating with God. Without going into it right now, I can tell you that there are countless similarities between our relationship with God and running.


So here I was plodding down the road. I was just really starting to feel the run and had settled into a good pace when I started thinking again about my purpose in life. When I say purpose in life, I don’t mean the obvious like being a good dad and husband but more of why God created me, what was His purpose for me. I don’t know about everyone else but conversations between myself and God can some times get a little spatty. Almost like two good friends going at each other and even arguing a little bit. It was at this point that the Lord let me know that He did indeed have a purpose for me and that I should quit trying so had to define myself. “Calm down, Ive got this.” And just like an argument with my wife, I was not about to let it go with out more answers. I always tell Christie not to ask questions that she doesn’t really want the answers to because I will 99.9% of the time tell the truth. So God gave me a taste of my own medicine. “I created you for a purpose…” and he continued to speak to me in a way that he had never done before. All at once I was dealing with a flood of emotions that I could never put into words. A combination of emotions and feelings that I have never experienced before. Ever try to run while crying? Not easy at all. In true form, after getting my emotions and breathing back under control, I kept pushing. I wanted to know how and when? Once again, after putting a death grip on my heart and lungs I heard “Calm down, I’ve got this” and as quick as that feeling came, it left. It this point I felt a calm come over me like none other. I had about a mile and a half left in my run and was just enjoying being out there. Suddenly it started to rain and not just a little bit either it was a down pour! Immediately I looked to the sky and thought in a smirkey sort of way “is this just to spite me or show me who’s boss?” Once again that feeling came over me and as the Lord gripped my heart and squeezed like only he could, and said “No, this is to show you that I can wash away your sins at any time and cleanse you new at will. No matter what you have done and where you go, you are a child of God and always will be.” As soon as I could breath again, I begged God to let me just finish my run! “Calm down, I’ve got this” and the rain stopped. I finished my run with and ease and energy that totally amazed me. I walked my cool down and made my way back to my truck, unlocked the door, and sat down. Just as I shut the door, it started pouring down rain once again and I could almost hear him chuckle…


It started with a run, and it was the best run of my life…


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  1. Thanks for the invitation to read this. What you experienced here is a beautiful blessing. This defines why I hike alone although many advise against it. I feel perfectly safe and well protected. God has never left me incapable of pushing through those last miles where I could reach my car. It's amazing that one can find such direction while leaving the map behind. God Bless, my friend. Keep running.