"One of the best ways to grow and mature as a believer is to continually remind yourself who you are and what you possess as a child of God. The more you affirm who you are in Christ, the more your behavior will reflect your true identity"

We are children of god! We are one with the earth, the waters and the sky that god created for us. So, remember that we were created to glorify God in all that we do. Respect the land and all that inhabit it. Hold in reverence all that nurish our bodies, the birds in the sky, the fish of the water and the plants and animals of the earth.

Hunting is a way of life in our home, almost as much as family and faith, almost. We hunt to live. I want nothing more than to teach my children the reverance and respect for the land and its animals. To become stewards of God's earth.


Welcome to my little place in the world! As you can see its a work in progres... I hope to cronicle some of my adventures in the outdoors as well as my relationship with the Lord. Please take time to look around and don't be afraid to comment! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What will $20 get you these days?
Several days ago I had an encounter with a man at a gas station. It took place around 5:45 in the morning so I can honestly say that I was not at my sharpest point in the day yet. As I pulled up to the station the get my morning fix (diet mt. dew) I saw a man standing out front. At first glance I thought that I knew who this guy was but soon realized that I did not. He was taller, slender, mid 30’s maybe and in need of a shave. As I walked by him to go inside I saw that he had bags sitting behind him like he was traveling or waiting on a ride. I went about my business and then headed back to my truck. As I walked past this guy I thought I heard him say something but it wasn’t until I reached my truck that It registered that he was speaking to me. Some what in shock I walked back to him and asked him what he said. He had to repeat himself several times before I understood that he was asking me for spare change for a cup of coffee. I went back to my truck to grab some change out of the door pocket but then for some reason decided to reach for my wallet. I had nothing but 20 dollar bills and just grabbed one and handed it to him. He asked me if I was sure, I said yes and got into my truck and drove away.
Now, here is where it starts to play back in my mind. As I am driving, I am going over the events that just took place. It is not unlike me to give money to anyone that is in need and especially if they ask. I have been desperate before and know what kind of courage it takes to ask for help. This time was different though. As I picture the events I realize that when I walked out of the gas station to go to my truck I was looking away from this guy. I was actually trying not to make eye contact whether it was consciously or subconsciously. Now at this point I am starting to feel really bad. Did I give him the money because I was trying to make myself feel better or because he needed it. The guy only asked for change and I gave him $20. I understand that we see people every day and for the most part will never really know any of their stories. Who they are and where they come from is not our main concern during our day to day activities. But what if we changed that? I know for a fact that I missed an opportunity to get to know a person who may or may not have been in need of someone to just take notice of him. Someone to make him feel like he mattered or that he was important. God gave me an opportunity and I completely whiffed! Swing and a miss! It all comes back to the same thing. We were put here on earth to glorify god and spread his word. Now I am not saying that this particular person needed to be “saved” but I will never know whether he did or not because I didn’t take the time to find out. We can’t ever know what sort of impact we might have in some ones life if we never stop and take the time to get acquainted. Think about that next time you see some scruffy looking person on the side of the road holding a sign asking for help. It just might be that they really do need help and are not just out there trying to scam you out of your pocket money. I believe that God puts people in or paths for a reason; we just need to figure out what that reason is. If our minds and hearts are not open we may never know.
What will $20 get you these days? Maybe more than you bargained for.


  1. Sounds like God hit a home run in your path. It's amazing how much we miss him sending us a message. Not only did he send you one, you walked back and received it and have passed it along to the rest of us. He is so incredible at reaching us - we just need to stop and listen. What a wonderful way to start your day and know that he was speaking to you and wanting you to get his message.

  2. Great post Bo! I think we all miss so much. Its great that you recognize a missed opportunity. So many people go through life never realizing all the opportunities God creates for us.